God and Politics

religionpoliticsOn June 21, Donald Trump met with concerned evangelical leaders.  Immediately, I began to think about God and politics.

And like many, I find myself very invested in this political season.  I’ve already made up my mind about who gets my vote this November.  There’s no perfect candidate.  But it’s what matters to me most.  We’ll see…

At any rate, and here’s the grind, I dislike very much how our politicians are wooing American evangelicals and convincing them that God is somehow on their side of the isle.

And is God involve in politics?  Of course, he is!

However, I don’t believe God’s involvement in politics is in ways that we can control or even predict.  The book of Esther is a starting point.

So I say, vote according to your conscience. Vote according to your values.

And God will take care of the rest–as always.

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