One Church’s Path to Racial Diversity

This month’s story on PCA Voices features George Robertson, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Augusta and the moderator of the PCA’s 44th General Assembly. Robertson was born in Alabama, just a bike-ride from the Ku Klux Klan’s national headquarters. Throughout his formative years, he explains, he was immersed in a segregationist culture, and lived in it ‘uncritically.’

By middle school, God had saved him from his sins. What’s more, Robertson says, God ‘planted a gospel in me that will not allow racism to endure.’ That impulse for racial reconciliation may explain, at least in part, why God called Robertson to a church that was built in 1804, that featured a slave gallery, and was the birthplace of the Presbyterian Church of the Confederate States of America.

In this presentation, Robertson describes how, through the ‘messy work of the Gospel,’ God has taken a congregation from its racist past to aggressively becoming a multi-ethnic congregation.

For a couple years now I’ve been following pastor George Robertson and the First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, GA. It’s amazing what God is doing through them to bring about racial reconciliation.

Yes, one church at a time being truly incarnational (take a look at this video and be inspired and blessed.).

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