A Smile to the Glory of God

There’s simply too much hate and distrust in the world.  I often have to remind myself that I’m a Christian, a Christ follower, who is indwelt by the  Holy Spirit, and who should live not from the wisdom of this world, but from the wisdom that is from above.  According to James, the wisdom from this world is “earthly, unspiritual, demonic. For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice” (James 3:15-16 NIV).  Our world seems to be content with this wisdom.

However, I believe a simple smile can go a long way in disarming some of the hate, distrust, and evil we continue to show to one another.

It’s a smile that is born from a place that desires peace, love, and togetherness.

It’s a smile that says that I’m willing to understand you, not just you.

It’s a smile that says we are all cut from the same cloth of humanity, so there’s no need for hate and the like.

It’s a smile that comes from a place that says we were created for so much more, and we should not let hate continue on this rampage of division and all that comes with it.

It’s a smile that recognizes the image of God in all human beings despite race, religion, nationality, gender, politics…

So the next person you see, give them a simple smile to the glory of God.

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