Advent Reflection: Their Fig Leaves were Inadequate

Yesterday, the third Sunday of Advent, I preached from Genesis 1-3, emphasizing the promise of redemption in 3:15.

Along the way, I couldn’t helped comparing and contrasting 3:7 and 3:21: before their fall, the man and woman were both naked and not ashamed (2:25). Now they were ashamed of their nakedness.  To cover their shame, they made garments of fig leaves (3:7).  In their innocence, they enjoyed the presence of their Creator, now they hide (3:8).

Their sin, however, was exposed. Their garment of fig leaves were inadequate to cover their nakedness.  Their world had changed. They could no longer hide from a holy God, no more than the darkness could hide from the light.

Their Creator could have let them keep hiding in their sin and shame.  But he came looking for them (3:9).  He knew that they needed to be properly clothed.

Their fig leaves were inadequate.

So he made them garments of skin.

Blood was shed.

A Savior was needed.

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