Does Skip Bayless “Hate” Lebron James?

In case you’re wondering, I’m also a big sports fan (NBA, tennis, golf, soccer, NFL).  Naturally, like many, there are a few commentators I follow.  ESPN’s First Take happens to be one of them.  Daily I would tune in to listen to Mr. Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debate the various sports topics.  Occasionally, they would have a few guests on the show.

Both Bayless and Smith claim to be huge Michael Jordan fans.  They are also passionate apologists of MJ’s legacy.

Both claim to be Christians.

Then there is Lebron James.

While remaining an ardent MJ apologist, to his credit, Mr. Stephen A. Smith gives credit where it’s due.  For Mr. Smith Lebron James is a great player.  He remains the best in the NBA, but he will never eclipse MJ and his legacy.  I happen to agree with this assessment.

Then there’s Mr. Skip Bayless.

When it comes to Lebron James, Mr. Bayless seems to lose it.  Rarely does he ever give Lebron James credit.  In fact, he has built a reputation as the biggest Lebron “hater.”  If you’re in the mood to hear some Lebron bashing, just youtube Mr. Skip Bayless, pop your corn and grab your favorite soda, because you’re in for a treat.

Mr. Bayless claims to be Christian.  The Christian Scriptures say give credit to whom credit is due.  For Bayless, I guess this doesn’t apply to a Lebron James.

Personally, I went from enjoying Skip Bayless commentary to loathing the same.  I had enough of him failing to recognize greatness.

I get it if you don’t think Lebron is that great, but there must be a better way for a Christian commentator to show his disagreement.  This vitriol.  This hatred of Lebron James is surely not the way.

Mr. Skip Bayless departed ESPN’s First Take for FOX Sports Undisputed, a version of his former show.

I decided to tune in and hear what Mr. Bayless is up to.  Nothing has changed.  His attack on Lebron is relentless.  He continues to belittle and undermine Lebron’s greatness.

Yet Lebron was named AP Male Athlete of the Year, after being named Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year.

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