Holman Christian Standard Bible has been Updated (2017 Version)

According to the newly published website, the Holman Christian Standard Bible has been updated.  “Holman” has been removed.  “Renamed the Christian Standard Bible® (CSB), the text will be available in a full line of Bibles for readers of all ages, with initial products releasing March 2017″ (for more, see here).

Reason for this revision:

“We are committed to improving our translation based on advances in biblical scholarship, and input from Bible scholars, pastors, and readers. Taking all of these items into consideration, the CSB has improved on the HCSB’s faithfulness to the original text and clarity for a modern audience.”

I suggest you visit the FAQ to see what’s going on thus far with this rebranded Bible.  I’ve always liked this Bible but not enough to make it my primary.  And now I’m no longer Baptist, perhaps these updates will sway me.

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7 Responses to Holman Christian Standard Bible has been Updated (2017 Version)

  1. Jon Hughes says:

    Hi TC,

    Hope you and your family had a great Christmas, brother.

    When you read the FAQ above, it’s the usual competitiveness coming through: they are trying to position their ‘product’ in the marketplace in an *optimal* (their choice of word) way, and ‘brand’ the CSB in a manner that differentiates it from the competition. But this is not Nike vs Adidas vs Reebok – we’re talking about the Word of God here. Do the folks at Holman really want the ESV reader, or the NIV reader, or the ISV reader, or the CEB reader (I could go on) to feel inadequate with the translation that they are currently using? As for the oft-repeated mantra, ‘advances in biblical scholarship’, I wish that Bible publishers wouldn’t do this, as it will only breed disillusionment with the current product. For all their naivety, the KJV-only crowd have a peace and joy that we in our restlessness will never attain. And let’s face it, they have enough of the Word of God – we make an idol out of this precision thing.

    If only I had the CSB 2021 update now… then I’d really have a Bible version with the precision that I can trust, although the 2025 update will be even better. The 2032 update will really nail it… until the 2035 update comes along. How about those believers stuck with the evidently imprecise original 2004 version!

    • Claudio Duckardt says:

      Jon, you hit the nail on the head with your comment. not only do we have a mountain of translations, but within these translations now we are having heaps of retranslations. I used to defend modern Bible translations, But I don’t anymore. I am happy, very happy, and can tell you that I have found peace in my heart when I decided to only use the KJV. It is the only Bible I trust.

      • Jon Hughes says:


        Good for you!

        The KJV is grand and glorious – no other translation can compare with its majesty. I think that the more the modern versions tinker around with updates and compete with other modern versions, the more appealing the KJV becomes once again. Yes, it had its own process of maturation in the Tyndale tradition, and emerged from competing translations such as the Geneva Bible – but it then enjoyed two or three centuries of dominance, and the people of God had a common translation in English that everyone recognised. The proliferation of modern translations hardly facilitates scripture memorisation. Are we spiritually better off now than a couple of generations ago? Or have these multitudinous translations become like quail?

    • TC Robinson says:

      Yes, the family and I had a wonderful Christmas (hope the same for you and yours as well).

      I really don’t think the CSB is driven by competition. The HCSB has always been a unique translation from its inception. I really believe its about “advances in biblical scholarship.”

      But your point about it breeding disillusionment is noted. Perhaps the same can be made for all such revisions and updates. In the end, I say stick with the translation you’ve been using. 😉

  2. TC Robinson says:

    If anything has gone “wrong,” I say it’s these biblical scholars on translation committees and their incessant itch to tweak Bible translations. And then, these publishers for being “easily” swayed.

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