How to Read the Bible Effectively in 2017

man_praying_bible_350_234_90This post is not about biblical hermeneutics–the how of interpreting the Bible.  Rather, this post is about that attitude we need to cultivate as we approach the sacred text of the Bible.

  1. Place and Time.  Find a place where there are few distractions as possible.  When you go to this place, it’s to read the Word of God, not browse the internet on our smartphones.  It’s for time in the Word of God
  2. Reverently.  The Bible is unlike any other book in that it is the Word of God.  Though written in the cultural norms and customs of the day, humanly speaking, it is divinely inspired, that is, breathe out by God.  It is God speaking to us.  Therefore, we should remove our sandals, as it were, for the place we standing on is sacred ground (see Exodus 3:5).
  3. Prayerfully.  It’s time to pray and ask God’s guidance and wisdom as we open the Bible, to hear from him.
  4. Humbly.  As we discover who God is–in all his glory and holiness–on the pages of Scripture, we will find ourselves like Peter, face down and on our knees before the Lord Jesus in Luke 5, saying, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord” (v.8).  A proper knowledge of God leads to humility.
  5. Submissively.  With a submissive and obedient heart, we become like the ancient prophet Samuel.  “And the LORD came and called as before, ‘Samuel! Samuel!’ And Samuel replied, ‘Speak, your servant is listening.'” (1 Samuel 3:10 NLT).  Yes, the Lord speaks to us through the Bible.  When he does, we reply, “Speak, your servant is listening.
  6. Praise and Thankgiving.  What a blessing it is to hear from God through sacred Scripture!

So as you embark on that most noble task of reading the Bible in 2017, I pray that you will find the above most helpful.

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