Bible Reading as a Means of Grace

bible-readingMany have resolved to read either the Bible in its entirety or some large portion of it–this new year.  It’s my earnest prayer that they are still at it and have not succumbed to either discouragement or distraction.

I’m curious however: how many of the above readers have actually chosen to read their Bibles as a means of grace, that is, a channel God actually uses to impart grace–whether converting or confirming grace (see Acts 20:32; Romans 10:14-17; and 2 Timothy 3:15-17)?

Perhaps approaching Bible reading as a means of grace will encourage the reader to stick with it and not succumb to either discouragement or distraction (this approach is no guarantee, however).

My expectation for you, however, still stands: the next time you pick up your Bible to read it–whether for ten minutes or an hour–do so with the firm conviction that the Holy Spirit actually makes Bible reading a means of grace.

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