First Sunday of Lent 2017: I’m not giving up Coffee

coffee.jpgTo me, coffee is one of those rare, underappreciated blessings from God.  I literally, stop and smell the coffee-and give thanks for it!  With a cup of coffee in my hand recently, I was telling someone how much I love coffee.

For Lent it is customary to give up something, sort of like mirroring Jesus fasting 40 days and 40 nights.  To be honest, I’m still working on what to give it.  I might give up going to Starbucks, but I will not be giving up coffee.

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5 Responses to First Sunday of Lent 2017: I’m not giving up Coffee

  1. Jon Hughes says:

    Amen, brother. Coffee focuses the mind on theology beautifully!

  2. No need to give anything up, unless it somehow heightens your spiritual senses.

  3. TC Robinson says:

    Now here are two brothers I will love to have a cup of coffee with while talking theology. 😉

  4. Colin says:

    Indeed, what is the theology behind Lent, or indeed any of the Seasons observed in parts of Christendom? Regulative or Permissive principles? How do we read Romans 14? Virtual coffee anyone? While I always welcome a double expresso, I may opt for tea – I find it more refreshing!

    For interest I have nearly finished my first chosen book for this year, Brother Lawrence “Practice of the Presence of God”. “The Cloud of Unknowing” is next.

    Last year I eventually read Pilgrim’s Progress, and then Grace Abounding.

    • TC Robinson says:

      However we come to Lent and other Seasons on the calendar, it’s the rhythm the calendar gives that many find rewarding.

      When it comes to Lent and what to give up, I too am governed by the Romans 14. And as you know, we humans are always in need of these reminders, since we’re so easily distracted and forgetful. 😉

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