What do I think about the new Christian Standard Bible?

CSB_logo-300x143Since the online release of the 2017 updated version of the Christian Standard Bible (formerly Holman Christian Standard Bible), I’ve been spending significant time with it.  I’ve even gone to Google Play Store and downloaded the free app.

Here’s my conclusion thus far:

  • It reads like the New International Version (NIV) for the most part.
  • It’s the NIV for the more conservative American Evangelicals who have taken issue with the NIV.
  • If you have the NIV and like it, there’s really no good reason to switch to the Christian Standard Bible (CSB).
  • If you have the ESV but want something more readable and conservative, then explore the CSB.

I’ve also taken issue with the Why the CSB? page.  One English Bible Translation in 2017 is simply bearing too much burden!

It’s really not up to this or that Bible translation to address the issue of spiritual growth and why people are not reading as much.  Someone please inform the marketers of the CSB of this FACT!!!

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2 Responses to What do I think about the new Christian Standard Bible?

  1. Kevin S. says:

    Personally, I like and read the NIV more now than before, and I haven’t really had a reason to touch the HCSB. The CSB is a good conservative alternative to the updated NIV but it’ll have a long way to gain readership in the conservative evangelical readership. Not sure where it’s at on CBA’s seller’s list?

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