Sharing a Meal Together

A Caucasian couple was looking for a place to sit during breakfast.

Where my family and I were sitting had a few open chairs.  We invited the couple to sit.  The husband and wife gladly did.

Albeit this was at a hotel, not at my house, but two different races sharing a meal together, in this racially-tension-charged culture, was symbolically special, in my humble opinion.

Over breakfast, we spend the time getting to know one another.

Then a few weeks later, I ran into the following:

While it’s not the solution, it is indeed a solution.

Contribute to the needs of God’s people, and welcome strangers into your home. –Romans 12:13 CEB

So why don’t we all step out of our comfort zones and invite someone of a different race to share a meal together?

Let’s get to know one another over a simple meal, beginning at the grassroots level of our homes, in our communities, and watch God transform our culture for his glory and our good.

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