Chosen by God: A Tribute to RC Sproul (1937-2017)

80225.jpgWhen I read the announcement of the death of RC Sproul from Ligionier Ministries in my email inbox, a sad feeling came over me.

Days before his death, I had just consulted Sproul’s Grace Unknown: The Heart of Reformed Theology (now What is Reformed Theology?) I first read this volume in toto back in 2006, over ten years ago.  I was new to Reformed Theology. I wanted to learn more. I came across Sproul’s work and ate it up.  However, it’s a work I always return to.

But it’s his work Chosen by God that really did me in. On January 9, 2007, I posted the following on after reading Sproul’s Chosen by God:

Honestly, I fought the doctrine of election. But I had to surrender to the teachings of Scripture. It is at the heart of the Scriptures, and RC does a great job in this wonderful volume spotlighting the difficulty with it.

This is one of the better volumes on a difficult subject. Highly recommended!

For the 500th anniversary celebration of the Reformation, it’s Sproul’s Ligionier Ministries live streaming that I tuned in to.

Sproul loved Martin Luther. Leading up to the Reformation 500, I remember viewing Sproul’s passionate talk on The Insanity of Luther on Youtube, which is a chapter in his The Holiness of God, what is considered by many as Sproul’s finest work.

God, over the years, has used the late RC Sproul, his humble servant, to teach me and countless others, near and far, so much about theology, Scripture, church history, Reformed theology, etc.

Now Dr. Sproul can know for certain whether Martin Luther was insane or not.

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