A Spiritual Checkup: Do you need one?

checkup-square-291x300A checkup is generally understood as when a person goes to a doctor for an examination to make sure they are healthy.

A checkup is often scheduled.  When date and time are given for a checkup, for the most part, the person keeps this appointment.  The person takes seriously their health. They want to know the status of their health.

As a race, humans desire to live long, healthy lives, and thriving lives.

Do we take the same approach to our spiritual lives?  If not, why?  Perhaps it’s our longing or lack thereof.

A spiritual checkup is simple:

  1. Do we long for God (Psalm 42:1-2)?
  2. Do we engage in those spiritual disciplines which are designed to draw us nearer to God (Scripture reading, prayer, meditation, etc)?
  3. Do we serve one another in love?  Do we serve the least of these?  How do we serve the strangers among us?

Christ, the One who called us to himself, says that love for God and love for our neighbor are what really matters (Matthew 22:34-40).

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