Reflections on Tribe by Sebastian Junger

downloadAccording to the author Sebastian Junger, “We have a strong instinct to belong to small groups defined by clear purpose and understanding.”

The subtitle of Tribe is “On Homecoming and Belonging.”

Now, because of this fallen world we live in, not every group which gives a sense of homecoming and belonging to its members is truly good for humanity.  For example, terror cells, gangs, mobs, and so on, while they give a sense of belonging to its members, they do more harm than good to the rest of humanity.

It is here that Christ followers can shine like stars in this crooked world.

But as Christ followers, we must demonstrate love for one another–the kind of love that a watching world will be compelled to conclude that we are indeed Christ followers and want to belong–to the redeemed people of God in a crooked world.

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