With Women Ordination, Are we opposing God?

J.D. Greear, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the US, calls Sabbleback Church recent ordination of women “disappointing.”

Greear urges his denomination to “stand on the bedrock of God’s Word — whether the issue is the role of pastor or any other issue.”

Women ordination in the SBC is prohibited, based on the denomination’s reading of Scripture. Popular Bible teacher Beth Moore left the denomination, citing the denomination’s limitations on the role of women in ministry as one of the reasons.

Saddleback Church ordains its first three female pastors: Liz Puffer, Cynthia Petty, and Katie Edwards, on Thursday, May 6, 2021. This even though their denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, restricts the pastorate to men. (source)

With Saddleback’s recent ordination of three women at a Thursday night service, for the SBC–“Houston, we have a problem!”

On his website, Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is calling on his denomination to take a firm stance on the issue of the ordination of women.

The Southern Baptist Convention must not be unclear about our theological convictions and the ground of our cooperation. We cannot afford to be. Attempts to deny the issue will not work. Right now, Southern Baptists will decide if we will redefine the doctrine of the Southern Baptist Convention. I do not believe that Southern Baptists will allow this to happen. I do not believe that Southern Baptists will retreat from the truth. (source)

If the prohibition of the ordination of women is against the denomination’s theological beliefs and conviction, then, yes, a stance must and should be taken, to sustain its identity (see the denomination’s Baptist Faith & Message, Article VI) .

Owen Strachan, a theology professor at Grace Bible Theological Seminary, goes so far as saying,

“Churches that affirm women pastors are opposing the Word of God, and opposing the Word of God means opposing God himself.”

Mr. Strachan is certainly entitled to his own opinions and convictions, but to say that the ordination of women as pastors is opposing God himself is to charge denominations and local churches, who affirm the practice of women ordination, as opposing God himself.

This is quite a charge!

Mr. Strachan and his denomination need to know that they do not have the final say on how to read God’s Word on the matter of the ordination of women.

Are we talking about opposing the doctrine of the Trinity here?

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3 Responses to With Women Ordination, Are we opposing God?

  1. Colin says:

    I am sure there are many sincere Christians committed to the written word of God who can “demonstrate” the case either way. Just as can be done, say, in arguing for and against the perpetual virginity of the Virgin Mary. In my own Church of England Parish, our incumbent of 28 years retired in 2019. We now have a lady incumbent. I knew her as a toddler – she went through nursery and primary school with my elder daughjter!! And very good she is too. Not being held by a traditional Anglo Catholic understanding of church leadership, I had been getting my mind round the question of a hierarchal authority. A watershed moment for me came when I read Women and Authority by Ian Paul, in the Grove Booklet series. He does miss out on some texts and his take on Ephesians 5 is a bit vague. Genesis 1 carries no implication of a hierarchy. However for me the issue.had always been in Genesis 2 . Ian points out that the word translated a helper is also used to describe God as helper in other places. Does that really mean Humanity has authority over God!

    • TC Robinson says:

      I appreciate your perspective here. It’s a tricky one. But I find it difficult when others do not express the right hand of fellowship on such non-essential matters. To say that if we ordain women, we are opposing God is quite a statement. No one wants to be charged with such.
      Great point about “helper”!

  2. Norrin Radd says:

    Owen Strachan is a great loud wind howling from an empty cave.

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