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Why I Changed My Mind about Baptism?

It has been quite a journey for me. I often debated Anglicans, Methodists, and Presbyterians on the matter of baptism, and concluded that their practice of infant baptism was based on weak arguments–derived from the Old Testament. The Mode of … Continue reading

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Three Things a Baptist learned from an Anglican Church

But as a Baptist I’ve since learned that I do not have to convert to Anglicanism or any such mainstream denomination–to experience the same (1. a sense of belonging part of something bigger; 2. the importance of the Bible; and 3. the beauty of liturgy).

In fact,…
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From Baptist to Anglican: What is the Appeal?

In his Evangelical Theology, Michael Bird, professor and blogger over at Euangelion, talks briefly about his journey from Baptist to Presbyterian and now to the Anglican tradition. Then yesterday, Scot McKnight, noted NT scholar and blogger at Jesus Creed, announced his … Continue reading

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Scot McKnight turns Anglican

“Where did this all begin? September, 1981, at St Peter’s Toton outside Nottingham Kris and I and kids wandered into the neighborhood Anglican church, loved both Curate John and Elisabeth Corrie, and we began our lifetime appreciation and formative influence … Continue reading

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