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Why the Updated NIV Bible 2011?

I too have made the switch to the updated NIV Bible 2011 for some of the same reasons as you’ll discover in the following video: It has passed the test of being: Accurate Clear Natural, and Audience-Appropriate But to each their … Continue reading

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Sacrificing Smoothness for Structure

Recently I preached Luke 7:36-50.  In my studies with the updated NIV.  But once I consulted the Greek text, I noticed καὶ ἰδού, which is totally untranslated. Given the tone of this narrative and how the characters develop, I concluded that καὶ … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Repetition in Bible Translation?

Recently a colleague and I were talking about the Updated NIV.  I told him about the NIV’s oft decision to leave untranslated “connectives, prepositions, pronouns, and so on. A few examples: 1. “So she came running to Simon Peter and … Continue reading

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Scot McKnight’s Plea for a Uniting Bible

In a recent post, offering somewhat of a review of the updated NIV, professor Scot McKnight hopes that this new NIV can be a uniting Bible: It is my hope that this Bible can be a uniting Bible. Bibles should … Continue reading

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