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Keeping Up Your Greek

This past weekend, two colleagues of mine who are still seminary students, were bemoaning the thought of keeping up with one’s New Testament Greek.  The question was put to me, Can you read Greek from any place in the New … Continue reading

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65% Off Greek New Testament

Crossway has a sale on the UBS Greek New Testament Reader’s Edition with Textual Notes, and the sale is good until April 22 (see here).       Personally, I think it’s an awesome bargain.  At any rate, make sure … Continue reading

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David Alan Black: Missionary Academic

Like many, I too continue to benefit from David Alan Black’s Learn To Read New Testament Greek, which I reviewed here.  But I must ask, Is Dave Black an academic who is also a missionary, or is Dave Black a … Continue reading

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How about Dynamic Equivalence to avoid Confusion?

Here’s the grind: for Scripture reading, I read Luke 19:1-10, for a colleague of mine.  I used the NIV ’84. But later I checked the ESV and didn’t like what I read: He entered Jericho and was passing through. 2And there was a … Continue reading

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Translating Acts 1:4 in light of the Communal Meals in Luke-Acts

I’ve only found three translations, two mainline, and a newcomer, that seem to have gotten Acts 1:4 right, the NIV, NLT, and the CEB, respectively. Okay, let me make my case: 1. “On one occasion, while he was eating with them, he gave … Continue reading

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