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The Significance of Solitude

With the tremendous promises of technology, we all thought that our lives were going to be more stress free.  But this has not really been the case.  Instead, we are more stressed.  Increasingly we find more and more people seeking psychological and psychiatric help, to … Continue reading

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Knowing God is Unlike Mathematical Theorems

“God in his great mercy refuses to pander to our unlimited lust to be gods.  He has ensured that his own self-disclosure should be abundantly clear to those who by grace have eyes to see and ears to hear, but … Continue reading

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Does God Hate Haiti?

In a post yesterday (1.14.2010), president of Southern seminary and a leading evangelical voice Dr. Al Mohler addressed the question—Does God Hate Haiti?

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Essentials and Non-Essentials: How to Choose Your Battles Carefully

I suppose no well-read or learned believer dare to challenge the first list, Essential for Salvation. But I’m not too certain about the second list, Essential for historic Christian orthodoxy, for I have in mind “A belief in eternal punishment for the wicked.” Continue reading

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