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John Calvin’s Doctrine of Election is Christocentric

According to church historian Timothy George, “Calvin did not teach this doctrine [election] because he was a ‘dour despot’ or a mean man but because, rightly or wrongly, he believed it was clearly found in the Scriptures” (Theology of the … Continue reading

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Why Preaching?

More and more are calling for less preaching, and if preaching at all, just a few minutes. Things like dramas are replacing much of our preaching in many of our churches. So why preaching? God’s people have always viewed preaching … Continue reading

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Book Review: Justification in Perspective

Paperback: 278 pages Publisher: Baker Academic (October 1, 2006) Language: English ISBN-10: 0801031311 WTS Books Baker Academic Many thanks to Baker Academic for this review copy of Justification in Perspective: Historical Developments and Contemporary Challenges. The essays in Justification … Continue reading

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Wednesdays with Wright: The Role of Tradition in the Reading of Scripture

As Brian Leport continues to reflect on his reading of Scripture here and here, especially in light of inside critics , I’ve found a passage in N.T. Wright’s The Last Word that may lend a voice in all this: Paying attention … Continue reading

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