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Wednesdays with Wright: The Role of Tradition in the Reading of Scripture

As Brian Leport continues to reflect on his reading of Scripture here and here, especially in light of inside critics , I’ve found a passage in N.T. Wright’s The Last Word that may lend a voice in all this: Paying attention … Continue reading

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Calvin to Viret

While in exile from the city of Geneva, Calvin received a call to return.  Calvin didn’t want to return.  His friends pressed him to. Then Viret naively suggested that it would be good for Calvin’s health.  Now you got to love … Continue reading

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Evangelicals: We Can and Must Distinguish Between Essentials and Non-Essentials Better

Over at Parchment & Pen, fellow blogger C. Michael Patton senses the need for Evangelicals to do a better job at distinguishing between “Essentials and Non-Essentials”: Evangelicals: We can and we must distinguish between sssentials and non-essentials better. Draw our … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright guilty of “Frequent Reformation Caricatures”?

But how could N.T. Wright be so irresponsible with his pen? Did he have someone else write the book in his name? (At any rate, I still need to read the book and draw my own conclusions.) Continue reading

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