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The Heidelberg Catechism and Infant Baptism

Lord’s Day 27 Q & A 74 Q. Should infants also be baptized? A. Yes. Infants as well as adults are included in God’s covenant and people,1  and they, no less than adults, are promised deliverance from sin through Christ’s … Continue reading

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Why Write New Catechisms?

And for a few years now, my wife and I have been catechizing our two children. It’s been a quite blessing. At times, the kids even take turns question each other. Yes, such would warm the heart of any parent.
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The Heidelberg Catechism

You may download the oft used Heidelberg Catechism here.

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The Heidelberg Catechism turns 450 years Today

I’ve become something of a catechist an confessionist in recent years, perusing the famous Catechisms and Confessions, to see what I can glean both theologically and historically.  I especially love to read the Catechisms and Confessions on the sacraments or ordinances.  In … Continue reading

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