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What is the Point of a Martin Luther King JR Holiday?

If not to challenge all of us to recognize and celebrate the brotherhood of all humanity, despite one’s ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, politic bent–and in the process, we create safer space for all. It’s time for us … Continue reading

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Sharing a Meal Together

A Caucasian couple was looking for a place to sit during breakfast. Where my family and I were sitting had a few open chairs.  We invited the couple to sit.  The husband and wife gladly did. Albeit this was at … Continue reading

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Sin and Racism

Racism exists because sin exists. When we remove the sin of racism from our hearts, we will remove it from our lives. And we can only truly remove the sin of racism, like every other sin, through the gospel of … Continue reading

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Are Professional Athletes Shaming the Church?

I expect so much of the the American church. But she continues to disappoint. For example, with all this racial division in North America, it has been my expectation for the church to take the lead in being countercultural. Instead, we … Continue reading

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