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How does God give the Holy Spirit to those who Ask?

I’ve been spending time with Luke’s Gospel for a while now.  This morning I read the following and wanted to move on, but a question kept challenging me.  How does God give the Holy Spirit to those who ask? 11 “Which … Continue reading

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Am I wrong to Pray, “Our Lord, Come!?”

Daily I’m troubled by the current events in our world.  Evil abounds.  Nations against nations, tribes against tribes, people groups against people groups, neighbors against neighbor–us versus them and so on. While I remain hopeful that the Lord’s people are energized … Continue reading

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Is Jesus the Fulfillment of Ezekiel’s Promise of the Restored Temple?

Perhaps this depends on whom you ask. I use to be an premillennial dispensationalist.  Then I moved to the historic premillennial position.  With the pre– behind me, I’m now a happy A-millennialist. Meaning, I once read Ezekiel’s promise of the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Simply Good News by N.T. Wright

Hardcover: 208 pages Publisher: HarperOne (January 6, 2015) Language: English ISBN-10: 0062334344 HarperOne Many thanks to HarperOne for a review copy of N.T. Wright’s Simply Good News: Why the Gospel Is News and What Makes It Good. An Overview … Continue reading

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