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How to Read the Bible Effectively in 2017

This post is not about biblical hermeneutics–the how of interpreting the Bible.  Rather, this post is about that attitude we need to cultivate as we approach the sacred text of the Bible. Place and Time.  Find a place where there … Continue reading

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New Resource on Hermeneutics: Seeing Christ in All of Scripture

Book Detail: 87 Pages Publisher: Westminster Seminary Press Publication Date: 2016 ISBN 13: 9780998005102 This introduction calls attention to the consistency of biblical interpretation that exists today at Westminster Theological Seminary. The harmony among the theological disciplines at Westminster is … Continue reading

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Christ is the Hermeneutical Key

Perhaps to some this goes without saying, but I’m confident that most Bible readers don’t get this: they may have heard it, read it, or even preached it, but until it sinks in, really sinks in–this fact of Christ as … Continue reading

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My Top Seven Reads of 2010

Though not all published in 2010, they were read in 2010.  Here we go: 7. The Living Paul by Anthony C. Thiselton.  Though at an introductory level, it was a good little read, coming from Thiselton who has given us 1 … Continue reading

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