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David Alan Black on the Apostle Paul as a Missionary-Writer

The apostle Paul, one of my favorite authors, lacked all of the advantages I have. He did most of his writing on the move, and much of it on the run. He wrote in the midst of an extremely busy … Continue reading

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The Scholarly Consensus on the Pastoral Epistles

In his latest post noting Ben Witherington’s critique of Bart Ehrman’s latest title Forged, James F. McGrath writes, “While Ehrman’s book is by no means above criticism, Witherington’s suggestion that that Ehrman misrepresents the scholarly consensus about the Pastoral Epistles … Continue reading

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Douglas Moo has settled the “Authenteo” debate at 1 Tim. 2:12?

To be honest, I was hoping that the upated NIV Bible would adopt the TNIV’s rendering at 1 Timothy 2:12.  Well, it did. However, this brought some criticism from Denny Burk of Southern Seminary.  Mr. Burk begins his post: “One … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright on the Background of 1 Timothy 2:12: A Female-Only Cult?

In my recent A few thoughts on why I chose the ESV over the NRSV, commenter John Radcliffe provides a link to a paper presented by N.T. Wright at a 2004 symposium titled Women’s Service in the Church: The Biblical … Continue reading

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