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Christ is the Hermeneutical Key

Perhaps to some this goes without saying, but I’m confident that most Bible readers don’t get this: they may have heard it, read it, or even preached it, but until it sinks in, really sinks in–this fact of Christ as … Continue reading

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Tim Keller defines Expository Preaching

Every now and then, I find myself working through a book on preaching.  This time around I’m working through Tim Keller’s Preaching: Communication Faith in an Age of Skepticism.  Keller is one of those pastor-authors that I enjoy reading: experience, … Continue reading

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Tim Keller on Preaching: Wonderful Author but Poor Practitioner

Timothy “Tim” Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NY, has a new book out on preaching. Those who have read Keller’s works know that he is a very insightful author.  His works are not rushed. They are very thoughtful and … Continue reading

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John Wesley on Preaching

All these years I’ve known about John Wesley (1703-1793) and his contributions, especially as a itinerant preacher, but never really drawn to him. For some reason I’ve confined myself to Reformed circles.  Hopefully, this will change.  There’s so much to learn from … Continue reading

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Pastors, Clay Pots, and the Glory of God

The God who has called and commissioned the pastor will not share his glory with another, and that includes the pastor (Isaiah 48:11). The pastor is in ministry to bring glory to God, not himself.  Many pastors have forgotten this.  However, pastors … Continue reading

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