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Rachel Held Evans Returns to Church

Rachel Held Evans grew up in a conservative, evangelical, nondenominational church, and went to a conservative, nondenominational college, where one of her professors reportedly said, “You can believe the Bible or you can believe evolution, but you can’t believe both. … Continue reading

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Rob Bell on the Resurrection

“To affirm the bodily resurrection of Jesus is to affirm the goodness of all bodies–and that includes yours.” —Rob Bell I assume by “all bodies” Rob Bell means all human bodies. Or perhaps, “All bodies” refers to all material bodies–human … Continue reading

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Rob Bell on seeing the Sacred in the Common

“Jesus doesn’t divide the world up into the common and the sacred; he gives us eyes to see the sacred in the common.” —Rob Bell

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Same-sex Marriage Is Here To Stay

The media and politicians are working overtime to remove the stigma, the taboo of homosexuality.  Let’s face it, either someone in our family is going to be gay, or we are going to know someone close to us who is actually gay.  … Continue reading

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