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Why were Infants circumcised?

In the Old Testament, infants were to be circumcised because they were members of the covenant between God and his people Israel.  Circumcision was the sign of this covenant: 9 God also said to Abraham, “As for you, you and your … Continue reading

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Sacraments or Ordinances?

“Sacraments” was a term I rejected because of its association with the Roman Catholic Church.  Like many in the Protestant world I was more comfortable with the term “ordinances.” With the term “ordinances” baptism and the Lord’s Supper were viewed … Continue reading

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The Heidelberg Catechism and Infant Baptism

Lord’s Day 27 Q & A 74 Q. Should infants also be baptized? A. Yes. Infants as well as adults are included in God’s covenant and people,1  and they, no less than adults, are promised deliverance from sin through Christ’s … Continue reading

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On the Sacraments: Different Administration but Same Substance

Sacraments may simply be defined as visible signs and seals of spiritual graces.  I hold, with the Reformed tradition,  that there are only two sacraments: baptism and the Lord’s Supper, whose Old Testaments counterparts are circumcision and the Lord’s Supper. … Continue reading

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