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On New Year’s Resolutions, Daily Repentance and Sanctification

It’s only natural to want to set New Year’s resolutions–things we want to change, things we want to start doing, to improve self, etc–to become a better you, me. As a Christ follower, I tend to see things differently when it comes … Continue reading

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Taking Repentance Seriously

Repentance means change, abandonment.  Repentance is necessary because of sin in our hearts–a sin which continues to beset us, to paralyze, to blind us, to harden us, and kill our consciences. Repentance is a divine injunction. But our pride, our … Continue reading

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Making a Distinction between Salvation and Conversion

While it is customary for us to speak of salvation and conversion as referring to one and the same event, given the data we find in both the book of Acts and Paul’s letters, a distinction must be maintained. 1. … Continue reading

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Bishop N.T. Wright and The New Living Translation (NLT)

In many ways, the New Living Translation (NLT), which is built on the Kenneth Taylor’s Living Bible, fills a great void in the world of English Bible translations: it’s not too loose and not too rigid and wooden. But if … Continue reading

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