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Three Things a Baptist learned from an Anglican Church

But as a Baptist I’ve since learned that I do not have to convert to Anglicanism or any such mainstream denomination–to experience the same (1. a sense of belonging part of something bigger; 2. the importance of the Bible; and 3. the beauty of liturgy).

In fact,…
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Jesus Came Preaching

I found the following from Timothy George, a Baptist historian and theologian, a wonderful and insightful read, “At the heart of the Christian faith is a Savior who was a preacher. “And Jesus came preaching” (Mark 1:14). This stands in … Continue reading

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“Roses” (an Alternative to TULIP) by Timothy George

Timothy George, a professor and Baptist historian, himself a Calvinist, has provided what some will consider a helpful alternative to the “TULIP” acronym of Synod of Dort Calvinism.  It’s the “ROSES” acronym, which is meant to capture a softer version … Continue reading

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John Calvin’s Doctrine of Election is Christocentric

According to church historian Timothy George, “Calvin did not teach this doctrine [election] because he was a ‘dour despot’ or a mean man but because, rightly or wrongly, he believed it was clearly found in the Scriptures” (Theology of the … Continue reading

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