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The Scholarly Consensus on the Pastoral Epistles

In his latest post noting Ben Witherington’s critique of Bart Ehrman’s latest title Forged, James F. McGrath writes, “While Ehrman’s book is by no means above criticism, Witherington’s suggestion that that Ehrman misrepresents the scholarly consensus about the Pastoral Epistles … Continue reading

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Ben Witherington on Hell: “Love doesn’t always win”

With a combination of scholarly and pastoral touch, Professor Ben Witherington has offered an intriguing piece on Hell, though he has not read Rob Bell’s Love Wins: “I have not read the book yet, but I do know the testimony … Continue reading

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Is too much Reverence given to John Calvin and His Writings?

Indeed, that 16th century Geneva Reformer was an exegetical-theological genius.  Noted New Testament scholar Ben Witherington, in a recent Christianity Today article, recognizes this. But when I think about this weekend-led-John Piper-conference: With Calvin in the Theater of God (Sept. 25-27), I must … Continue reading

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