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Awesome Bibles but Awkward Bible Translation

Just received an email titled A Bible to Help Kids Love God’s Word. I love the title.  Awesome concept.  But the Bible translation is another issue. We talking English Standard Version (ESV).  I don’t believe another Bible publishing house puts out as … Continue reading

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NIV Bible 1984?

Yesterday I was in a Christian bookstore looking at Bibles (as if I don’t have enough), when a gentleman introduced himself to me, told me he was from the Navigators, and he was looking for the 1984 NIV Bible. Well, … Continue reading

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On Using the ESV and the NIV

Depends on where I’m reading in the Scriptures, you may find me either reading the ESV or the NIV(2011). In the Old Testament, except for the Psalms (ESV), I lean on the NIV.  I tend to like it’s flow, allowing … Continue reading

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Notes on the New NIV

Most people may not be aware of this fact, but there has actually been an official revision of the beloved 1984 NIV.  The revision first appeared online in the fall of 2010 and then in hard copy in the spring of 2011. For someone who … Continue reading

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