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On Biblical Inerrancy: What is John MacArthur saying?

Last week a colleague and I were discussing the matter of biblical inerrancy.  I offered my position. And in an effort to revisit the matter, I was reminded of John MacArthur’s conference on Biblical Inerrancy, held this past March.  So … Continue reading

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Is Inerrancy Inseparable from Christology?

According to noted Reformed pastor and theologian R.C. Sproul the answer is yes: inerrancy is inseparable from Christology: “At the end of the day, inerrancy is inseparable from Christology. If Jesus didn’t teach this view of Scripture, the argument would be … Continue reading

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A Website Devoted to Biblical Inerrancy

You can check it out here.  The folks behind it are all too familiar.  Nothing new.  Simply making sure that the line they have drawn on the theological sands remains there–visible for all to see. But is it worth it?  … Continue reading

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John MacArthur’s New Fight: Biblical Inerrancy

If last Fall’s Strange Fire wasn’t enough, noted author and pastor John MacArthur has planned the Biblical Inerrancy Summit, concluding that “Current publications demonstrate that the true doctrine of inerrancy is under attack.  Some of these attacks are subtle while … Continue reading

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