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On Biblical Inerrancy: What is John MacArthur saying?

Last week a colleague and I were discussing the matter of biblical inerrancy.  I offered my position. And in an effort to revisit the matter, I was reminded of John MacArthur’s conference on Biblical Inerrancy, held this past March.  So … Continue reading

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A Muslim’s Visit to the King’s Chapel

Carl R. Trueman, a professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, CA, shares that while in Cambridge with his youngest son–he decided to expose him to the coral evensong at the King’s Chapel (history of chapel here). After making … Continue reading

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“He Descended Into Hell”

In the back of my Bible, I have a copy of the Apostles’ Creed, and it contains the line “He descended into hell,” which I tend to recite.  But there are leading evangelical figures who object to this line, contending that it has no … Continue reading

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Creed as Praise

As of 2013, in our gathered worship, we have been closing our time together with a recitation of the Apostles’ Creed.  It’s a fitting way to both express our Trinitarian worship and our identity with the universal Christian church.  And … Continue reading

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