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Pastor compares himself to Jesus: “Plans to burn Qurans on Sept. 11”

“We realize that this action would indeed offend people, offend the Muslims. I am offended when they burn the flag. I am offended when they burn the Bible. But we feel that the message that we are tyring to send … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins: Call Charles Darwin the Comeback Kid

On November 24, 1859, exactly 150 years ago, the world was treated with the popularization of the theory of evolution through the first edition of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of the Species.” Well, on this the 150th year anniversary call … Continue reading

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Online Churches draw Believers, Critics

A few posts back, I took on the Virtual Church.  Well, it was good to see someone like CNN taking up the matter, rather, reporting the matter: From a believer of online church: “We were blown away at how people … Continue reading

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