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Introducing the CEB Study Bible

Another Study Bible is upon us.  While I am not crazy about the Common English Bible translation, I don’t mind having a copy of this Study Bible. ****** “Written by leading scholars, the CEB Study Bible helps readers understand the … Continue reading

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The Latest on the CEB

The CEB, the Common English Bible, is a Bible that I’m very much interested in.  In fact, in my effot to read through the New Testament in a month, I find myself switching back and forth between the CEB and … Continue reading

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Question: When to translate, or transliterate?

This question is the result of an exchange between Will Lee and I over at Will’s Anwoth blog, which actually got started here. Will made the point that he doesn’t really like it when Bible translations transliterate instead of translate.  … Continue reading

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Professor Leland Ryken slights the Common English Bible

In a recent Christianity Today article on the Common English Bible, Leland Ryken, literature professor at Wheaton College and a member of the translation oversight committee of the English Standard Version, labels the CEB’s title as “ironic” and then adds, “With … Continue reading

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