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Awesome Bibles but Awkward Bible Translation

Just received an email titled A Bible to Help Kids Love God’s Word. I love the title.  Awesome concept.  But the Bible translation is another issue. We talking English Standard Version (ESV).  I don’t believe another Bible publishing house puts out as … Continue reading

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A Review of the ESV Bible

For a couple years now, I’ve found myself going back and forth between the English Standard Version (ESV) and the New International Version (NIV).  But a few months ago, I made the decision to make the ESV primary and the … Continue reading

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Professor Leland Ryken slights the Common English Bible

In a recent Christianity Today article on the Common English Bible, Leland Ryken, literature professor at Wheaton College and a member of the translation oversight committee of the English Standard Version, labels the CEB’s title as “ironic” and then adds, “With … Continue reading

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John MacArthur on the ESV Bible: A Fact Check

I’ve been slowly weaning myself off Bible “wars” until a recent set of blunders by John MacArthur (JM) on the ESV Bible—caused me to regress a bit: Fact Check: 1. JM: “The Newest and Freshest Translation.”  This is not exactly … Continue reading

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