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FAQ for Greg Boyd

Renown pastor-theologian Greg Boyd remains something of a fascination for me. I thought I’d reproduce his FAQ from his Renew website: “Do you consider yourself an ‘Evangelical Christian’? I hold to a high view of biblical inspiration and most of … Continue reading

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Why is no one apologizing to Rob Bell?

Over at his blog, pastor and author Greg Boyd has posted a review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins. Toward the end of the review, Boyd says that he “would argue that Rob cannot hold to Universalism as a doctrine: he cannot … Continue reading

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Unending Torment is Inconsistent with God’s Victory?

In their 2nd edition of Across the Spectrum: Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology—after arguing that the traditional position of unending torment is due to Hellenistic philosophical traditions—Greg Boyd and Paul Eddy make that case that “Unending torment is inconsistent with … Continue reading

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Satan and the Kingdom of the World

As sort of a follow up to my last post, I think we need a theological underpinning as to why no human government, which is part of the kingdom of the World, can ever said to be truly “Christian.” While … Continue reading

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