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Is Hell Tough Love?

It all depends on who you ask. And to make matters more interesting, there are some who don’t believe in hell, and still others who are annihilationists–believing hell to have an expiration date. But to describe hell as a form of … Continue reading

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Why the doctrine of Hell?

The Bible teaches the doctrine of hell.  It’s there.  Jesus, the God-man, taught on hell.  It’s real. However the doctrine of hell has been reconstructed to the point of being nonexistent, at least to some theologians and popular religious leaders. … Continue reading

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John Piper Interviews Rick Warren on Hell

This is a great interview.  Note Rick Warren from the 2:46 mark… Rick Warren shoots straight in this one.

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N.T. Wright on Rob Bell and the Reality of Hell

My usual counter question is: “Why are Americans so fixated on hell?” Far more Americans ask me about hell than ever happens in my own country. And I really want to know, why is it that the most prosperous affluent … Continue reading

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