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Rachel Held Evans Returns to Church

Rachel Held Evans grew up in a conservative, evangelical, nondenominational church, and went to a conservative, nondenominational college, where one of her professors reportedly said, “You can believe the Bible or you can believe evolution, but you can’t believe both. … Continue reading

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When is your Church’s Liturgy not Enough?

Sunday’s worship service compelled this post. Most of us, when we hear the term liturgy, we think the high church worship services of the Roman Catholics, Anglicans, etc. But liturgy is simply a set or fixed way of doing a … Continue reading

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Wednesdays with Wright: Spontaneous vs Liturgical Worship

Here we go: There is nothing wrong with spontaneous worship, just as there’s nothing wrong with two friends meeting by chance, grabbing a sandwich from a shop, and going off together for an impromptu picnic.  But if the friends get … Continue reading

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Where's the Spontaneity in Liturgy?

Before you take your best shots at me, let me explain: I have pastor friends are who liturgical in worship.  And we enyoy each other over lunch every Wednesday (I’m glad I got that out of the way!) It seems … Continue reading

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