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FAQ for Greg Boyd

Renown pastor-theologian Greg Boyd remains something of a fascination for me. I thought I’d reproduce his FAQ from his Renew website: “Do you consider yourself an ‘Evangelical Christian’? I hold to a high view of biblical inspiration and most of … Continue reading

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Roger Olson’s “God is in Charge but not in Control”

In addressing the problem of evil, whether caused by humans or non-humans, and the backdrop of “God’s providential goverance over history,” Roger E. Olson, a leading Arminian thinker, likes to think of “God is in charge even though he doesn’t … Continue reading

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“My Car Crash and the Open View” by Greg Boyd

Open theist pastor and author Greg Boyd and his wife, Shelley, were involved in a “rather serious car crash…” Greg Boyd was asked by several via e-mails and tweets “how I process this accident from an open theistic perspective…”  His … Continue reading

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If an Open Theist Understanding of Salvation, “Who then can be Saved?”

In his book God of the Possible: A Biblical Introduction to the Open View of God, Greg Boyd, senior pastor of Woodland Hills Church, decided to filter the matter of salvation through his own open theism: From an open view … Continue reading

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