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The Church and Politics

I am writing as a concerned citizen of two kingdoms–the kingdom of man and the kingdom of God. As a citizen of the kingdom of man, I have a responsibility to submit to the government, “For their is no authority … Continue reading

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In the General Election on November 8, Whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, God Wins!

Many have already voted for who they want to be the next president of these United States, but most will vote on Tuesday, November 8. At any rate, if you believe as I do (and as passionate as you might … Continue reading

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God and Politics

On June 21, Donald Trump met with concerned evangelical leaders.  Immediately, I began to think about God and politics. And like many, I find myself very invested in this political season.  I’ve already made up my mind about who gets … Continue reading

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Bonhoeffer for Today: Revisiting Life Together

Make no mistake about it, but there are a number of similarities between Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s time and our time.  Hate.  Suspicion.  Discord.  In his classic work on Christian community, Life Together, Bonhoeffer writes on what he calls Christian brotherhood.  For … Continue reading

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