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N.T. Wright Makes the Case for the Psalms

The prolific writer, churchman, and biblical scholar N.T. Wright is out with a new book, and yes, it is titled The Case for the Psalms: Why They Are Essential.  And in an interview about his new title, Wright was asked … Continue reading

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer on Praying the Psalms

“The Psalter is the prayer of Christ for his church, in which he stands in for us and prays in our behalf.  Now, since Christ is with the Father, it is the new humanity of Christ that prays, the body … Continue reading

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Imprecatory Psalms: To Pray or Not to Pray?

Imprecatory psalms are those psalms that contain curses and prayers for punishment of the psalmist enemies.  The following is an excerpt from Psalm 109, the severest of these psalms: “When he is tried, let him come forth guilty; let his … Continue reading

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On Praying the Psalms

According to Gordon Wenham, the Psalms are designed to be prayed.  Wenham points out that Jesus and the apostles prayed the Psalms regularly, and then the Christ church for about eighteen centuries.  But what happened?  In the 18th century, “Men … Continue reading

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