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My Devotional Reading

Since I’m in a sharing posture of late, I thought I’d share my daily devotional reading habit. First, I read about five psalms out loud.  And then I read a chapter or two in one Gospels.  For the last eight … Continue reading

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Reading through the Psalms

For a few weeks now in my devotional reading, I’ve been reading through the Psalms—not to wrestle theologically with the various songs and prayers that make up the Psalter—but to simply enter into the emotional world of praise, prayers, cries, … Continue reading

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10 Reasons to Sing the Psalms in our Worship?

No doubt driven by the Regulative Principle (RP), Brian Cochran, over at Wrath to Riches, has postulated ten reasons why we should sing the Psalms in our worship: Continue reading

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The Lord Speaks to Me

Everyday I try to hear from the Lord. Whenever he speaks I try to listen. Sometimes I’m rebuked and corrected. Other times I’m admonished and encouraged. I’m especially delighted when it involves a Psalm. But it’s never in a closet … Continue reading

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