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Chosen by God: A Tribute to RC Sproul (1937-2017)

When I read the announcement of the death of RC Sproul from Ligionier Ministries in my email inbox, a sad feeling came over me. Days before his death, I had just consulted Sproul’s Grace Unknown: The Heart of Reformed Theology … Continue reading

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The Preacher and the Reading of Sermons

Also read sermons.  But make sure that they were published before 1900!  Read the sermons of Spurgeon and Whitefield and Edwards and all the giants.  Those men themselves read the Puritans and were greatly helped by them.  They seem to … Continue reading

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Wednesdays with Wright: Avoiding Jesus the Legalist

The gift always preceded the obligation.  That is how Israel’s covenant theology worked.  It is therefore a straightforward category mistake, however venerable within some Reformed traditions including part of my own, to suppose that Jesus “obeyed the law” and so … Continue reading

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