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Rachel Held Evans Returns to Church

Rachel Held Evans grew up in a conservative, evangelical, nondenominational church, and went to a conservative, nondenominational college, where one of her professors reportedly said, “You can believe the Bible or you can believe evolution, but you can’t believe both. … Continue reading

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Rob Bell on the Resurrection

“To affirm the bodily resurrection of Jesus is to affirm the goodness of all bodies–and that includes yours.” —Rob Bell I assume by “all bodies” Rob Bell means all human bodies. Or perhaps, “All bodies” refers to all material bodies–human … Continue reading

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Rob Bell on seeing the Sacred in the Common

“Jesus doesn’t divide the world up into the common and the sacred; he gives us eyes to see the sacred in the common.” —Rob Bell

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Rob Bell Is Wrong About Same-Sex Marriage

According to the Christian Post, while at The Forum of the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, Rob Bell gave his support for same-sex marriage. “Yes, I am for marriage. I am for fidelity. I am for love, whether it’s a … Continue reading

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