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Rethinking Romans with Tom Holland: The Divine Marriage?

Sometime back I interacted with professor Tom Holland’s Contours of Pauline Theology here, and which has surprisingly led professor Holland to give me an advance look at his forthcoming commentary on Romans, which is due this late spring early summer, … Continue reading

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Romans as an Outline of Paul’s Theology?

When in response to What is the center of Paul’s theology? blogger Bryan says, “I don’t think he had a center. I think he was winging it,” it also begs the question: Is a coherent and significant outline of Paul’s … Continue reading

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Even N.T. Wright will appreciate the Upated NIV?

If you’ve read enough of N.T. Wright, you would have discovered that he doesn’t particularly like the NIV, well, at least its handling of Paul’s letters, especially in Romans. Well, after looking at the updated NIV, and noticing the reworking … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright Interprets “Flesh” for Everyone

In two recent posts, we explored the meaning of sarx (“flesh” in ESV, NRSV, and “sinful nature” in T/NIV and NLT) as used by Paul.  We even had Wayne Leman, a professional linguist and translator of Better Bibles, going back and … Continue reading

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