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Westminster Confession of Faith: Chapter 27, Of the Sacraments

Chapter 27, Of the Sacraments: “Sacraments are holy signs and seals of the covenant of grace,[1]       immediately instituted by God,[2]               to represent Christ, and His benefits;         … Continue reading

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Sacraments or Ordinances?

“Sacraments” was a term I rejected because of its association with the Roman Catholic Church.  Like many in the Protestant world I was more comfortable with the term “ordinances.” With the term “ordinances” baptism and the Lord’s Supper were viewed … Continue reading

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Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 25

Heidelberg Catechism The Sacraments Lord’s Day 25 Question: Since, then, we are made partakers of Christ and all His benefits by faith only, where does this faith come from? Answer: The Holy Spirit works faith in our hearts by the … Continue reading

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Are the Sacraments really Means of Grace?

Q. 162. What is a sacrament? A. A sacrament is an holy ordinance instituted by Christ in his church, to signify, seal, and exhibit unto those that are within the covenant of grace, the benefits of his mediation; to strengthen … Continue reading

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