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John Piper talks John MacArthur and Strange Fire Conference

Interestingly, John Piper is equally convinced about his position as John MacArthur is equally convinced about his opposing position.  In fact, both men are equally exegetically convinced about their respective position:

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John MacArthur Sends Charismatics to Hell

At the Strange Fire Conference, which ends today, famed pastor and author John MacArthur has declared war on Charismatic Movement, even assigning some 500, 000, 000 charismatic believers to HELL. John MacArthur has taken the place of God, the ultimate judge. … Continue reading

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Strange Fire Conference: First Day Reflections by Tim Challies

Noted blogger Tim Challies has provided a summary of the John MacArthur-led Strange Fire Conference, a conference devoted to the charismatic movement: ****** “Here is a one-sentence summary of each of the addresses so far: John MacArthur: Charismatic theology is offensive … Continue reading

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